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Board of Directors


Mario Ernesto Sánchez



Edna Schwab



Beatriz J. Rizk



Marilyn Borroto


Wilfredo Borroto


Neher Jacqueline Briceño


Alina Interian


Melissa Messulam


Marian Prio Odio


Teresa María Rojas


Jeannette Mirabal  

Teatro Avante


Founded in 1979, Teatro Avante is a nonprofit, tax-exempt cultural organization whose main goal is the preservation of our Hispanic cultural heritage.


The company has staged works by Albee, Alomá, Ariza, Assad,  Cabrujas, Cocteau, Ferrer, García Lorca, Manet, Matas, Pinto, Piñera, Reguera Saumell, Santana, Triana, Valle-Inclán, Williams, Orwell, Camus and Shakespeare, among others. In 1994, the Atlanta Olympic Committee's Cultural Olympiads honored Teatro Avante with the Regional Arts Award.


Teatro Avante organizes and produces the annual award-winning International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami. The group has represented the United States in Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Japan, France, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Portugal, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, and Slovenia and, domestically, in New York, Albuquerque, Los Angeles, El Paso and Buffalo.  


 Thanks to the generous support of the International Cultural Exchange (ICE) Program of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, Teatro Avante had the privilege of staging its acclaimed production of Aire frío (Cold Air), a freely adapted version of Virgilio Piñera's play by Raquel Carrió, directed by Mario Ernesto Sánchez, in five cities in Spain, as well as in Costa Rica, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Perú.


 Teatro Avante's International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami has received five prestigious international awards: Federico García Lorca, Ollantay and Fit de Cádiz - Atahualpa del Cioppo in Spain; Kusillo in Bolivia; and UCSUR in Peru, for "its enormous contribution  to the development of Hispanic theatre in the Americas.”  

Mission Statement 

"To preserve, further develop and enhance our Hispanic cultural heritage through the creation and presentation of universal theatre and educational programs, and to participate in
the artistic growth and expansion of worldwide theatre by presenting some of the best
theatre companies worldwide at Avante’s annual award-winning
International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami".


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