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A founding member of Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani (1971), Mr. Rubio Zapata is the group’s Director. He posits a creative and investigative theater from the work that the actors produce. He is the 2019 recipient of Peru’s National Culture Award, given to him in the category of “Trajectory” by Perú’s Ministry of Culture and an Honorary Doctorate from the High Institute of the Arts of the University of Havana in 2010. His experience is based on researching Peruvian culture and how it is applied to contemporary artistic expressions.


He directs stage productions, plays written for the theater, and collective works. He was the director for the following productions: Discurso de Promoción (2017), Un caballo se lamenta (2016), Cartas de Chimbote (2015), Confesiones (2013), Concierto Olvido (2010), El último ensayo (2007), Sin Título – Técnica Mixta (2004), Rosa Cuchillo (2002), Hecho en el Perú: Vitrinas para un museo de la Memoria (2001), Santiago (2000), Antígona (2000), Yuyachkani en fiesta (1999), Pukllay (1997), Retorno (1996), Serenata (1995), Hasta cuando corazón (1994), Yuyachkani en concierto (1992), Adiós Ayacucho (1990), No me toquen ese valse (1990), Contraelviento (1989), Baladas del Bien-estar (1986), Encuentro de Zorros (1985), and Los Músicos Ambulantes (1982).


In the education field, he has directed numerous stage conferences. Also, he leads the Laboratorio Abierto (Open Laboratory), a pedagogical meeting with Yuyachkani which has taken place since 2010, inviting creators and stage researchers from different parts

of the world. He has published numerous books about the theater, and at present, he is in the process of publishing the book “El Gran Teatro en Paucartambo” (The Great Theater in Paucartambo), in co-authorship with photographer Pilar Pedraza, and also the story titled “El danzante volador” (The Flying Dancer) is about the Mito dance ritual known as “Huaconada de Mito,” as part of the Memory of Dance Series.

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